Re: Bennington Flower Show

Dear Sylvia:
	I thought that the New England show was going to be held in
Boston, not in Bennington but contact Dick Lutz, who's e-mail you have
because he will know for sure.  I believe that the NETC is merely going
to contribute a display at this big annual show in Boston this year.  I
could be wrong.  Let me know what you find out.  
	Tom Croat
> Greetings:  Where is the New England Tropical Conservatory going to be
> and please tell me nore about it.    How long has the Tropical Flower
> Show been in existence?   
> Sylvia Correia
> zone 6-southeastern CT,USA
> On Sat, 22 Nov 1997 17:53:46 -0600 Richard Lutz <>
> writes:
> >The New England Tropical Conservatory and the Southwest 
> >Vermont Career Development Center will be hosting a Tropical 
> >Flower Show March 20 and 21, 1998 in Bennington Vermont.  
> >This year the show will feature Aroids.  If you would like 
> >to be an exhibitor  please contact Dick Lutz at 
> >  .  Tom Croat of the Missouri Botanical 
> >Garden has supplied us with approximately 200 aroid species 
> >for the show.  These plants will eventually become part of 
> >the collection in the New England Tropical Conservatory.
> >
> >
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