A. sazensoo


I need help understanding something.  I have spent a lot of time looking
at the Arisaema Web Site and enjoying the beatiful pictures of Arisaema
included there.  Two of my favorites are A. sazensoo and A. sikokianum
and I have spent a lot of time looking for sources of these two
arisaema. Now I get my new Herswood catalog and find that in the
description for A. sazensoo it says that their references list A.
sazensoo is synonomus with A sikokianum.  

Now these two plants do not look anything alike to me from the pictures
at the Arisaema Web Site.  So I am really confused!  The description
given in the Heronswood catalog does seem to match the picture of A.
sazensoo.  So why would it be considered synonomus with A. sikokianum?

Jan Renfroe

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