Re: Tuber Storage

> I have a question on Tuber Storage...  I like to store mine for the winter
> where I can keep an eye on them for potential rot..  I do this by reserving
> a bench and putting the tubers in a tray.  This way, I can see each tuber
> and monitor for fungus.. My question...  Does storing tubers in this manner
> - out of pot - inhibit the production of inflorescences?  It does not seem
> to inhibit the production of nice foliage the following year.  Does anyone
> have any experience in this area?  Comments appreciated.
> Dewey

	Next year's Amorphophallus crop haings in a plastic mesh "onion
bag" in the kitchen doorway.  The largest tuber is currently functioning
as an effective paperweight.  I expect it to bloom in February with no
soil or water (though I do ocassionally dunk the tuber for short periods
of time).  This is A. konjac of course.  I got some small Sauromatum
tubers receintly and I hear these grow exactly the same way.  Caladiums
are impossible to kill it seems.  Just whack the crown and roots off
whenever you get bored with them and throw the bulbs behind the bookshelf.  
They keep for up to six months like this.  I find most of the Aroid tubers
I've had do very nicely unpotted with plenty of air circulation.
Amorphophallus are very intolerant of being submerged when dormant - they
begin to rot within a week.  This can be a real problem with very small
tubers that have gotten badly dessicated.  I got some in the mail once and
periodically rinced them with 1/4 strength bleach until they had plumped
up again.  This seemed to keep the rotting to a minimum.  Once
re-hydrated, they can be planted in a peat-perlite mix and given a good
drenching with a Captan solution.  This technique worked very effectivly
with some rather badly rotted Caladiums I salvaged after scrubbing them
with bleach.  

			Roger L. Sieloff

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