Re: Non Aroid but Ants

At 9:22 PM -0600 1/02/97, Roy Herold wrote:
> in the middle of winter in Zone 5, and.... a big Arisaema triphyllum seed
>head ...was swarming with ants... I certainly didn't expect to find them
>doing it in mid-winter<<<<     

Do you have the Christmas blooming
*Helleborus niger 'Praecox'* in flower?   If so, you'll see them there as
well, on any day that the temperature is 40 (F) or higher.  They are the
reliable pollinators of the very early and very late blooming Hellebore
and have been up and about here (Ithaca, Zone IVB) pretty much until the
bitter cold snap of December 30th.

>>> There must be  something pretty potent in the fruit that attracts

Something in my kitchen, too.  Usually they have the tact
to hold off until a February thaw.

Nina Lambert
Ithaca, N.Y.

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