2 Philodendron translations

2 more name translations.  These also come from the Huntington.
Could someone please translate Philodendron 'Evansii' and
Philodendron 'Imbe' to species names?  My guess would be the
the first is a cultivar of Selloum, but I'd like to know for
sure.  As long as I'm asking, could anyone confirm Philodendron
Sagittifolium as a current name?

I took some pictures while I was there with the idea of starting
a photo album of aroids I've seen and I'd like to get the
labels right.


BTW, a quick(?) response the "?" response to my naming standards
question:  I noticed at the Huntington, every name tag has a
number on it (in addition to name).  That number seemed to
be a unique identifier of the species (maybe up to cultivar?).
I remember reading a while back in the "How to permanently
label a plant" thread someone mentioning that they used numbers
(with the side effect of reducing handwriting problems :) ).
I thought it would be convenient if everyone used the same
numbering scheme so even if a Rhaphidophora Decursive becomes
a Philodendron ?, I could still keep the same number on the
plant and even have someone else know what the number meant
if the plant changed hands a few times and the name changed
a few more times too.  If that's clear, then the rest of
my message was basically just a matter of implementation

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