Sun, Surf and Dead Horses

Dear Aroiders,
I see on the news that most of you Nth.Hemisphere folk are coping 
with the 'Freeze' or being washed away by floods. YUK !! Hang in 
there !
You don't need to hear this but here in 'downunder' Melbourne I have 
been spending lots of time lazing under a beach umbrella watching the 
surf roll in and sometimes even making the effort to dive into the 
crystal blue water. Sigh.
My Aroids are enjoying the weather too with Arisaemas candidissima 
and flavum blooming their heads off and Amorphophallus galbra showing 
off its snakeskin better than ever (I still haven't flowered it 
though). I flowered my Calla palustris for the first time and pick 
any colour Zantedeschia-- they are all flowering. Anchomanes 
difformis didn't bother going dormant and is flowering again whilst 
the sinister buds of my Sauromatums are erupting through the soil.
But by far the star aroid of summer was my Dead Horse Arum 
(Helicodiceros muscivorous). With its 5 blooms, each 35cm by 25cm and a 
stink that would kill a horse it made it to the front page of our 
university paper. It sure did pull a crowd (move over Kew's Titan 
Arum !!). The Dracunculus vulgaris nearby unfurled a couple of larger 
than life inflorescences but all eyes were on the Dead Horse.
The Dead Horse is now resting and I have lots of small tubers that I 
am happy to give away. The tubers are free to good homes but I will 
be asking for return padded envelopes and postage ( I will make 
exceptions for my regular trading partners or genuine offers of new 
'traders'). E-mail me direct, not through aroid-l.
If you are wet and freezing I hope this post has cheered you up.
                        Happy New Year
Dept.of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Monash University, Clayton 3168

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