Sun, Work and Dracunculus multiplication

Sadly for me I had to leave the beach and come back to work. So if 
you can't be at the beach where is the next best 
the garden of course. I have decided to thin out the dormant 
Dracuculus vulgaris patch ( the one next to the Dead Horse ) and now 
have spare babies of them too. There are some Arum italicum tubers up 
for grabs as well.
Want some ? Buzz me as soon as you can so I can finalize the 
Helicodiceros / Dracunculus mail out.
Same deal tubers but not free post and package.
( Doug Burdic and Vic. Soukup, I already have your Dracunc. requests 
so no need to reply ).
I will email again next week with all the info. for tuber recipients.
                     Cheers from sunny Melbourne ( just like Florida 
hey George and Don ).
Dept.of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Monash University, Clayton 3168

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