Re: Fenestrated aroids

On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Wallace Wells wrote:

> I have owned Monstera deliciosa and recently got M. pitterii. I am 
> interested in other fenestrated or 'holed-leaved' aroids and would 
> like comment from others who are cultivating the same. I know there 
> are Philodendrons with this characteristic.

The only genera of Araceae that I'm aware about the presence of 
fenestrations are: Monstera (as you already know), Dracontioides (a water 
dweller from Brazil), Raphidophora, Epipremnum and maybe some Anchomanes. 
I have never seen a fenestrated Philodendron and I think they don't exist 
at all. Some pictorial books of horticulture (e.g. Exotica) usually show a 
young Monstera deliciosa identificated as "Philodendron pertusum" and I 
think it can confuse a lot of people. 

Best wishes,


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