Pinellia hybrid

Pam Bagget reports, in the Jan '97 issue of The Hardy Plant Soc.,
Mid-Atlantic Group, that a hybrid Pinellia, P. 'Polly Spout', is
available from We-Du Nursery.

" Woodland gardeners will be interested in Pinellia 'Poly Spout', also
from We-Du Nurseries. A hybrid which appeared in their nursery several
years ago, it is probably a cross between P. tripartita and
P.pedatisecta. As members of the Arum family, pinellias produce
intriguing spathes ... for several months of the year. 'Poly Spout' has
an erect green spathe, purplish inside, with protruding green spadix ...
It grows to nearly 2 feet in height. I've saved the best news for last:
while most Pinellia are prolific seeders, 'Poly Spout' has proven to be
sterile. Zone 7b, at least."

I question the Zone 7b. Both parents grow well in 7a and probably in 6
for that matter. To  top it off, We-Du is certainly not in Zone 7b.

OK, Aroid collectors, have at it.


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