Re: growing under flourescents

>I just changed jobs and moved from an office with fairly decent outside
>light to a cublicle that is lit only by flourescent ceiling lights
><sigh>.  Any suggests out there on what aroids I might try growing (and
>won't drive everyone out of the building while blooming <grin>)?
>Thanks much,
>Eric Simpson
>Washington, DC
Eric Simpson asked about low light aroids.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia performs well from near-full desert sun to as low as
200 footcandles.  Most offices don't provide quite this much, but an extra
light in your cubicle could supply a little more.  If you can't do that, get
two plants and keep one in a better location at home.  Rotate them once a
month or so.  As a last resort, Zam zam will maintain itself without growing
for several months with almost no light. 

I don't know why it isn't a more popular house plant.  It will also tolerate
being unwatered for three months without even shrivelling. And I left a flat
of extra, small propagules outside this winter - about half the foliage
survived 24 F (-4 C). I suppose the tuberous root would survive as long as
the soil didn't freeze. 

Happy growing,


Mark Dimmitt        Tucson, Arizona USA


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