Re: growing under flourescents

Eric, the "Chinese evergreen," Aglaonema (modesta?), grows reasonably well
(though somewhat spindly) in our building here solely under fluorescent
lights (including in at least one windowless office where no lights are on
over the weekend.  Some daylight then comes in sideways through the
doorway from west windows about 20 feet away).


Neal R. Foster, U.S. Department of Interior, USGS-Biological Resources
Division, Great Lakes Science Center, 1451 Green Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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On Thu, 16 Jan 1997 wrote:

> I just changed jobs and moved from an office with fairly decent outside
> light to a cublicle that is lit only by flourescent ceiling lights
> <sigh>.  Any suggests out there on what aroids I might try growing (and
> won't drive everyone out of the building while blooming <grin>)?
> Thanks much,
> Eric Simpson
> Washington, DC

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