Re: Zamioculcas

At 02:23 PM 1/17/97 -0600, you wrote:
>     dear aroiders,
>    =20
>     i got two small zamioculcas at the philadelphia flower show last year.=
>     can someone give me cultural tips for these guys?  currently i have=20
>     them in a north, cool window and they seem to be dormant, still green=20
>     but not growing.  does this plant require full sunlight?
>    =20
>     any help or advice would be appreciated.
>    =20
>     tsuh yang chen, new york city
AMAZING BUT TRUE! you can propagate this one from single leaves!
I grew mine in diffused aroid-type light, not bright. It is semi-succulent.
the leaves form bulblike things on the ends before rooting and putting yo
those fat stems. Mine were never below 55 degrees, but I see no reason woy
they could not be a NY windowsill plant, if kept from chilly nite temps.

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