Re: Philodendron seeds

> Dear aroiders
> Back in 1991 I received a seed catalog from"Alvim Seidel", a nursery in
> Santa Catarina, Brazil. Their list included a large number of 
> Philodendron species (around 35) and a few Anthuriums and Spathiphyllums.
> Their minimum quantity was 1000 seeds, but they had agreed to sell me 
> smaller quantities (approx.100) for 30% of the 1000 seed price. This 
> ranged from $8 -$40 per 1000, so around $2.50 - $12 per 100 . No doubt 
> the 1997 prices will be higher.
> I would like to know whether any other aroiders have any experience with 
> these people and I would like to hear from them if they have. Perhaps
> Eduardo in Brazil knows of them. I am thinking about ordering some 
> Philodendron seed but 100 seeds per species is way more than I would need 
> or want. Is anyone interested in sharing some of this seed if I do order 
> some? I plan to fax them and ask them to fax me their latest catalog 
> list.
> Has anyone experience with raising Philodendron species from seed ?
> I look forward to any assistance
> As an example , some of the species on their list include:
> P.adamantimum,colombianum,crassihyrzum,eichleri,eximium,giganteum,grandifolium,myrmecophyllum,pittieri,pseudoradiatum,saxicolum,speciosum etc.
> kind regards
> Neil Crafter
Neil:  I frequently plant Philodendron seeds and they usually to very
well.  I think the Brazilian species would do particularly well since I
recall that I once got seeds of Philodendron bipinnatifidum and they
arrived dry but still germinated.  Seeds from the Andes have to be kept
humid to survive so far as I know. 
	I will check with Simon Mayo on your question about Phil.
evansii.  He did a revision of subg. Meconostigma so if anyone knows
about the derivation of that plant he would know.  


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