Arum seeds

Would anyone like to order the Russian arum seeds I described yesterday,
and for which Peter Boyce gave some possible IDs afterward?  To refresh
your memories, these were collected by Josef Jurasek in Russia, western
Caucasus region, at 1300m, and are described as being woodlanders and 10cm
high.  Jurasek called them A. colchicum; P. Boyce said they're probably
A. orientale, A. maculatum, or A. italicum, and leans towards the latter
(see his note for the finer nuances).  
Seeds are $3 per packet (no seed count given), and I'm soliciting
orders so I can reach the $30 minimum without ordering too many things I
don't really want.  Let me make it clear that I have never ordered from
Mr. Jurasek and know nothing about his reputation, good or bad (if
anyone knows more, please speak up).  I should also point out that I'd
charge $4, because I have to buy padded envelopes for each order;
the last time I sent out a letter-sized envelope, padded with bubble
wrap and marked all over "Hand Cancel" (and which was cheerfully accepted
by my neighborhood post office), the main post office in Syracuse rejected
it and sent it back.  Apparently postal regulations no longer allow this.

Anyway, if you'd like to order some, contact me PRIVATELY at


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