Re: Arum seeds

Jozef Jurasek is in the same class as Vojtech Holubec: just fine.
He was somewhat earlier on the seed-scheme than Vojtech. And although he does
only speaks Czech (and so I cannot really talk to the man) I think 
this knowledge is wide. 
It has always amased me that even when Czech Republic was under the Bolshewicks 
(did I write that alright ?) regime there was a lot of plant knowledge in
that country
even about plants outside the borders where they could go in their holidays.
I have once visit Jozef at his garden in Praque when we went through the
plants to grew and I remember that it was the onliest time I have ever seen
flowering that shrubby Viola delphinantha.
He is okay.
Herman van Beusekom  

At 19:46 22-01-97 -0600, you wrote:
>Would anyone like to order the Russian arum seeds I described yesterday,
>and for which Peter Boyce gave some possible IDs afterward?  To refresh
>your memories, these were collected by Josef Jurasek in Russia, western
>Caucasus region, at 1300m, and are described as being woodlanders and 10cm
>high.  Jurasek called them A. colchicum; P. Boyce said they're probably
>A. orientale, A. maculatum, or A. italicum, and leans towards the latter
>(see his note for the finer nuances).  
>Seeds are $3 per packet (no seed count given), and I'm soliciting
>orders so I can reach the $30 minimum without ordering too many things I
>don't really want.  Let me make it clear that I have never ordered from
>Mr. Jurasek and know nothing about his reputation, good or bad (if
>anyone knows more, please speak up).  I should also point out that I'd
>charge $4, because I have to buy padded envelopes for each order;
>the last time I sent out a letter-sized envelope, padded with bubble
>wrap and marked all over "Hand Cancel" (and which was cheerfully accepted
>by my neighborhood post office), the main post office in Syracuse rejected
>it and sent it back.  Apparently postal regulations no longer allow this.
>Anyway, if you'd like to order some, contact me PRIVATELY at

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