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> Dear aroiders,
> Thank you for your help on this subject.  I will request the 
> querier draft a summary for the web page.  By the way, is there 
> someone working on the web page of Zantedeschia?  I have asked one of 
> our members to do it, but have not heard anything yet.  If anybady 
> interested, please let me know.
> Guanghua
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> Date:          Wed, 22 Jan 1997 10:03:01 -0800
> From:          Michael Inaba <>
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>      , Calif.,, -U.S.A.
> Organization:  University of California at Davis
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> Subject:       Zantedeschia
> Hello.
> 	I am a student at the University of California, Davis. I am currently
> enrolled in a class on greenhouse management and practices. One of our
> assignments is to compile an original report on current state of growing
> technques for various plants. I am looking into Zantedeschia Rehmannii
> and its hybrids. Many growers here in California, and elsewhere are
> growing this plant (the newer dwarf cultivars.Please send along any
> information you can offer as to the greenhouse cultivation of this
> plant. I am interested in grwoth rates, feeding, watering, temperature
> preferences, production scheduling, growth regulators, and all the
> technical stuff you may have. Thanks. Sincerely, Michael Inaba.
> Guanghua Zhu
> Missouri Botanical Garden
> P. O. Box 299
> St. Louis, MO 63166-0299, USA
> Phone: (314)577-9454
> Fax:   (314)577-9438
Guanghua:  I would guess that the best authority for Zantedeshia would
be Yashica Singh from South Africa.  She gave a nice paper on the genus
at the VI International Aroid Conference in Kunming.  I do not know if
she has internet capabilities but she lives where the genus occurs and
has published on Zantedeshia.  She must have nice photos.  I could
contact her if you would like to see what she could do. 

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