Re: Philodendron seeds

At 07:30 PM 1/22/97 -0600, Eduardo Gomes Goncalves wrote:
>Dear Neil,
>Alvim Siedel is the man of the "Orquideario Catarinense" and has been in
>the business for a long time (say 40 years or more!). I think he is
>already gone, but his family still take care of business. As Al Wootten
>said, he have regularly advertised in the American Orchid Society Journal
>since the 70's and I think he was the only Brazilian who could export
>native plants for profit! I have never ordered from them and I haven't
>heard from them lately (for the last 4 years) but if he still is in the
>business, he is the best aroud here. You better contact them an check it on!
>About raising Philos from seeds, I can share my little experience. All
>seeds I already tried was very easy to germinate. You just have to keep it
>moist for less than a week and the radicule sprout. Meanwhile, the
>difficulty is on seed storage and long term transport. They seem to
>dehydrate quickly. It also seems that seeds from subgenus Meconostigma (P.
>bipinnatifidum, P.  undulatum,etc) are somewhat resistent but seeds from
>subgenera Philodendron and Pteromyschum are too fragile. I think that the
>best way to transport and storage them is just inside the berry but it
>never resisted more than a month here in Brazil. I never tried to keep the
>berry in the refrigerator but a friend of mine did it and told me that he
>could germinate well more than a month under refrigeration. 
>Hope it helps

Perhaps since 1976, when I rec'd a parcel containing misnamed assorted
plants and a free, glossy black arachnid, white large! the business has
firmed up. I was always tempted by the seed list, except I don't need that
many. And was afraid the large arachnid could eat one of the dogs. the
misnamed plants was not too thrilling either. But it would be wonderful if
this nursery has gotten itself together, and I await good news in these

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