Philodendron seed order

Dear aroiders
It seems like there is a bit of interest in a Philodendron seed order 
from Alvim Seidel in Brazil.						
	 So far the following have registered interest.

                   Todd Ruth        San Diego
                   Christian Feuillet    Maryland
                   Dick Mansell     Tampa
                   Dr. Victor Soukup  Cincinnati ( he would like seed for
                        research into the acid profiles of the seed 	
			lipids of aroids, not for growing)
If I have missed anyone out please let me know. Given the logistics of 
sending seed from Brazil to Australia and then back to the USA it would 
probably make more sense if someone in the US volunteered to be the link
man and coordinate the seed purchase and distribution . In this way it 
would be possible for the US recipients to receive seed fresher than if 
it has to cross the Pacific twice. Any thoughts and/or volunteers?

I have faxed Alvim Seidel with my request for smaller seed quantities and 
an up to date seed list but  have had no reply to date. If I dont get a 
reply soon I might ask Eduardo to check their fax number. As soon as I do 
I'll post the list onto Aroid-L along with their contact details.
regards to all, Neil

Neil Crafter
Adelaide, Australia

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