Re: Arisaema

DX Victor wrote:
> Jim Archibald's new (January 97) catalogue arrived today.  It includes a number
> of Arisaema, some of interest.  Two from Needham collections (consanguineum
> from EN2459 Yunnan and exappendiculatum EN ? green form from Nepal).  Most
> interesting to me is A. yamatense var sugimotoi from Honshu, collected by
> Don Elick 1996. The latter costs $9 for 8 seeds.
>  He can be contacted at Bryn Collen, Ffostrasol, Llandysul, Dyfed, SA44 5SB.
> If you have not come across it before, that really is how the words are
> spelt:  It's just Welsh!
>  Regards,
> David Victor
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> A proud U-NET customer
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Is there any chance you can E. mail me a copy of the Archibald 97 list,
we are in Jims mailing list but snail mail takes forever and I would
like to get an order in early before all the good stuff is gone.Does he
have an E-Mail address? I can highly recommend Archibalds seed, it's
very clean germinates well, better still is almost always true to name:
also a bit $$ but you get what you pay for, and they're quality and
selection is worth it.
                                       Bob Stewart

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