P. cv winterbourn "Xanadu"

I have had my plant since 1990. There are four separate trunks in the 
pot, each of which is around 1 to 1.25 inches in diameter. It has the 
classic prophyll and leaf scar pattern on the trunk and I counted around
80 leaf scars on one trunk that was about one foot high. There are very 
small intra vaginal squamules on the trunk between the leaf scars.I have
compared this trunk to those on my P.undulatum and P.williamsii and I
would think it reasonable to consider that its heritage is within 
subgenus Meconostigma.I wonder what species it's parents might be? The 
leaves are not large, around 8 to 10 inches
long and sharply pinnatifid from halfway to two-thirds of the way from 
leaf margin to midrib, more so with mature leaves. Immature leaves are 
just undulate at the margins. The leaves are quite glossy and when you 
break an old leaf from the trunk the sap is very acrid smelling ,the most 
powerful of any Philodendron sap I know. Incidentally just about all my 
Philodendrons share a characteristic smell in their sap. Is this a 
defining characteristic of the genus and do you know what chemical 
compound causes this smell? For those Philodendron growers out there who 
might think I've been smelling something else !, I suggest they break an 
old leaf off and take a whiff !!
Any comments ?

kind regards  Neil

Neil Crafter
Adelaide Australia

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