Re: anthurium scherzerianum hybrids

At 08:29 PM 1/25/97 -0600, Lester Kallus wrote:
>I got my A. rotschildianum from Logees and so it looks like the one you
>described in the Logees catalog.  It has done quite well as a house plant.
>I grow it in potting soil approximately 10 inches under fluorescent bulbs
>(4x30 watts).  It grows quite well and is probably ready for transplanting
>into a larger pot (now 8").
>Could your browning of leaves be fungus related?  The only times my leaves
>turn brown are when they grow so large that they're directly touching the
>fluorescent bulb.
>       Les

Fungus, no. You are burning the leaves just as I was gfond of coing,
agaainst those toasty tubes!>
Hermine, poster-child for computer-impaired

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