Re: anthurium scherzerianum hybrids

Dear Anthurium growers:  Anthurium scherzerianum occurs at high
elevation in cloud forests as a true epiphyte.  It prefers a loose soil
mix, the highest humidity possible and cool temperatures.  Thus is is
not surprizing that it does not do well under average house conditions.
I wonder if it would do well in a terrarium?  It also gets a lot of air
movement in the wild so that might not bode well for terrarium
	Tom Croat, Missouri Botanical Garden

> At 11:39 AM 1/25/97 -0600, wrote:
> >     on the topic of plants in offices, there were a few in this list who=20
> >     suggested a. scherzerianum
> >    =20
> >     i have one at home, which i bought as a large plant with seven=20
> >     inflorescences (white) more than a year ago.  it has been declining=20
> >     since.  i get a lot of new growths, but the leaves never get as big=20
> >     as the ones they came with and eventually they turn brown.  i water=20
> >     it very little because i think the browning of the leaves is caused=20
> >     by overwatering.  i still haven't got rid of it because the rhizome=20
> >     seem to be very large and still puts out new growth all the time, (in=20
> >     other words, it is still alive, i hardly ever throw out a live=20
> >     plant).
> >    =20
> >     any tips on how to cultivate it indoors?  specifically, 1) what kind=20
> >     of substrate should i use?  peat?  loam?  epiphyte mix?, 2) how much=20
> >     watering does it need?,  3) light requirements?  i also hear people=20
> >     who say fancy anthuriums are not good houseplants.  what do you=20
> >     think?
> >    =20
> >     also, in regards to the variety a. scherzerianum 'rotschildianum': i=20
> >     first saw it in a picture in the logee's catalogue.  that version, is=20
> >     a rather elliptic "normal" spathe, creamy with red dots, and a screwy=20
> >     spadix.  i recently visited someone's greenhouse and he was growing a=20
> >     'rothschildianum' that looked very different.  the spathe was very=20
> >     large and almost rectangular, it was mostly red but still had the=20
> >     screwy, pig-tailed spadix.  does anyone know which is the true roth?
> >    =20
> >    =20
> >     tsuh yang chen, new york city
> >
> >
> >
> So glad to hear that Logee's still has that wonderful Anthruium! In my
> Anthurium Phase, which  is still going on, I found them quite variable in
> "flower". I never thought of them as subjects for growing outside a
> greenhouse, except for short-term display. I made th mistake in Hawaii of
> thinking tht certain private homes were nurseries, for there it is the
> custom to move flowering anthuriums outside in rows in pots for display!
> There are Anthuriums without name and number in HI, incl one with a
> dinnerplate size inflorescence, the color purple shading towards deepest
> green. Somber, magnificent!
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