Re: Anthurium reflexinervium

Donna:  Would it be helpful to know that Anthuiurm reflexinervium was
found on craggy limestone outcrops?   Perhaps it would thrive better
with some changes in the Ph. or by growing it on limestone.  	Tom 

> Guanghua,
> We have  one of the few living collection of this species in cultivation. I
> am not sure where any other collections might be, but it is possible that we
> have the only cultivated plant. We've tried repeatedly to self pollinate this
> plant, but no success. I believe there is a plan to get this plant into
> tissue culture, but I don't know when this will happen. This species is very
> difficult to grow, and is not for the novice. I'll keep the list posted on
> any developments.
> Donna Atwood
> Selby Gardens
> In a message dated 97-01-23 21:25:55 EST, you write:
> << 
>  Is there anybody has Anthurium reflexinervium alive? We used to have 
>  a plant at MO but lost it.  Appreciate any information on how to get 
>  this species.
>  Guanghua 
>  Guanghua Zhu
>  Missouri Botanical Garden >>

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