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Subject: Filarum

Greetings, to all of you who have never seen this plant, I have put 3 photos
taken by Mary Sizemore out on the I.D. site.  These are photos 120a,b,c.  
you enjoy them.  I downloaded them from another site and was able to compress
about 60 percent so they should download fairly quickly.  I could not put
them in table format as they came out distorted. They print quite will on my
non-color laserjet.  Have a try and do send comments and photos.  These will
soon end up in the I.A.S. master file.


Richard L. Mansell         Phone: H(813) 961-7072 Biology
Department, LIF 136               W(813) 974-1588 University of South
Florida                    Fax:    (813) 974-1614 Tampa, FL 33620

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