Re: Alocasia recommendations

Jonathan Ertelt wrote:

>I would recommend the first two, A. 'Black Velvet' and A. imperialis, since
>they both seem to fit your criteria of compact, smaller plants.  I would also
>recommend contacting Tropiflora, a predominantly bromeliad establishment in
>Sarasota Florida run by Dennis and Linda Cathcart, if you are not already in
>touch with them.  Their latest Cargo Report offers all but one of the plants
>you listed, with nice descriptions of them as well, and tells what size pots
>the specific plants will be coming out of.  I have found them to be dependable
>regarding shipping as well, even through the winter.  Their order line is
>1-800-613-7520, and their internet address is http:/

Another recommendation for Tropiflora.  Just received my order from them,
and the size of the plants is HUGE for what one can expect via mailorder.
Real bargain for the price.

BTW, from Tropiflora's description, Alocasia "Corazon" seems to be the
same as Alocasia "Aquino" (see


Krzysztof Kozminski
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