Seeds & Bulbs for Friends 1997 - Post Scriptum 3/Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!

Dear friends,
	there are still some other things to distribute.
As fore the main distribution, althought offer in exchange is very, very
appreciated, it is not necessary (I know what is to have nothing to give
in exchange!!).
You should only understand that the people that gave me plants,
literature or hints in the past, will have the priority in the choice.
Rules to apply:
- I cannot give any kind of certificates for the bulbs; specially the
Australian and NZ people should be aware of it.
- Money is not requested.
- Remember for future reference the FC### and give it to anyone you give
plants that are grown from my seeds !!
- The requests should come to me before 10 January and be sent to my
E-mail address; don't use the Re function of your software!!!!!
- Please, to help me you should:
        In the subject row type:   FC distribution 97 PS3
        in the message first give your name and post address
        at the end eventually your comunications
- Remember to give your snail-mail address !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the (short) list :

FC 219 Sprekelia formosissima bulblets/bulbs near flowering size
FC 400 Arisaema fargesii (det. G. Gusman) tubers 10-30 mm
FC 373 Sauromatum guttatum (syn. venosum) tubers 10-25 mm
FC 456 Urginea maritima  seeds
FC1051 Zephyranthes minima  seeds

To all the best wishes for the new year !!!!!!!!!


Dr. Ing. Fausto CENI - Via Marsala 8  I-25122 BRESCIA (ITALY)
Tf   ++39 30 3756011  -  Fax  ++39 30 42435

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