RE: A. henryi seed

Dear henryi freaks,

The caption of the photo in Aroideana 19 of A. henryi, also says that
the inside of the spathe is maroon, which is the more striking part
compared to the spathe outside, which is green indeed. 

Beware that seeds of henryi may take more than a year to germinate, or
it may be shorter, so don't despair when it takes a while.


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> On Fri, 2 Jan 1998, Don Martinson wrote:
> > Peter,
> > The A. henryii seed arrived savely early this week.  Thanks again
> for
> > sharing this with everyone.  Do you know of any sources of pictures
> of the
> > flower?
> > 
> 	Ditto.  A real good photo of A. henri (and about 30++ other
> Amorphophallus species) is the 1996 issue of Aroideana, published by
> the
> international aroid society. The bloom appears to be rather short but
> the
> spadix is very long and tapered, the spathe is little more than a
> ruffled
> collar.  Its a black and white photo, but the caption says the spathe
> is a
> light green color.  
> 			Roger L. Sieloff

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