Re: plant magic award

>Tony  Avent writes:
> > In case you missed it:
> >
> >         The new K. Van Bourgondien & Sons catalog, have some amazing color
> > photos, but my favorite is the Arum italicum picture.  The great seed stalk
> > picture was missing foliage, so they magically sprouted zantedeschia
> > around the base to take the place of the missing arum foliage.  Perhaps we
> > should have a contest to see how many of the pictures have foliage of a
> > different plant.

I've another "award" story, altho not aroidally inclined.  Last year,
Spring Hill Nursery offered a Buddleia collection, all supposedly
B.davidii, but one which included a bright yellow variety.  Now to my
knowledge, the only even remotely yellow buddleia is B.globosa, which has a
very different flower form than davidii, but what they did was to take a
picture of a white B.davidii, flip the photo about the vertical axis, and
color the flower color yellow.  You could hold up the pictures side by side
and see that they were of the same plant!  Caveat emptor!

Don Martinson

"Existing order thrives upon ignorance and lies.
Objective truth and individual reason are feared above all."

Jimmy Johnson - "Arlo & Janis"

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