Speaking of catalogs!

I just received Tony Avent's Catalog....AND Plant Owner's Manual.  It is
actually called "Plants Delights Nursery, Inc. at Juniper Level Botanic
Gardens.."  Wow, what a book!  I sat for a couple hours looking at the
descriptions of the various plants and the very beautiful color pictures.
Also, I nearly split my sides at Tony's wonderful humor.  He is a jewel.
I really love the price of this catalog.... "10 stamps or a box of
chocolates..."  Also, if you have $2,995.00 to spare, Tony has an idea for
spending it (see back page).

Now, after all of that is said and read...  imagine my dissappointment,
because most of his offerings will not grow in my sub-tropical yard.
Almost makes me want to move north.... NAAAAHHHH

Dewey E. Fisk, Plant Nut
Your Source for Tropical Araceae

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