Re: Caladium paradoxum

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From: Paul Resslar <>
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Date: Sunday, January 25, 1998 5:28 PM
Subject: Caladium paradoxum

>   Can anyone tell me who is the author of the name Caladium paradoxum?
>Does anyone know anything about it?
>Paul M. Resslar
>Professor of Biology
>Virginia Wesleyan College
>1584 Wesleyan Drive
>Norfolk, Virginia 23502-5599
>Dear Paul,
C. paradoxum was discribed in 1988 by S. J. Mayo and Josef Bogner in
"Willdenowia 18".   It is from Colombia, S. America.
Let me know if you`d like a copy of the paper.
Do you or anyone out there know the origin of the name Caladium marmoratum;
it is illustrated on pg.189 of"Exotica International", Series 4, Vol.1 of
1985 (?).  It has an almost peltate leaf blade, and is from Eastern Ecuador
and grows "wet".

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