Re: "Yams"

Julius, I have never been to Trinidad, but I have heard a lot about what a
colorful and cosmopolitan place it is. The only Dioscorea I've ever seen is
my own, D. batatas, except for a few B&W pictures in a plant catalog. Some
of the tropical Dioscoreas must be dramatic. I take it you no longer live
in Trinidad; if it's too cold for Caribbean yams wherever you are, you are
welcome to starts of mine if you want any. Read on...

Dewey, I have bad news for you: Dioscoreas seem to have a weird
prediliction for being more root hardy than one would imagine from their
tropical affinities (and a few truly hardy ones hail from Japan and the
Balkans!). I suspect that their tubers going as deep as they do helps keep
them out of harm's way.  Mine tolerates not only cool, dry summers (without
irrigation) but also mildly frosty and extremely wet winters that do in a
lot of subtropical and warm-temperate plants. And it grows with tropical
vigor! Luckily my garden is so densely planted the tuberils and seeds
rarely find their way down to the ground.

Back on topic here:  Arisaema candidissima is blooming. A. tortuosum is
missing but probably OK--it always comes up rediculously late for some
reason. Probably waiting for the summer monsoon, that doesn't happen


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