Introduction and Amorphophallus question


Purely by accident, while surfing the Net about Amorphophallus, I came
upon this list. My name ist Uli Siegel, 35 years, studied Biologist
and Botanist, but working now an as a network operator at an regional
Internet Service Provider in Southwest Germany (since there are hardly
any jobs for Botanists here). My main interests are in special
adaptations of plants to their environments, so there is not a
specific group of plants I'm only interested in. But there are three
groups in the center of my interest: caudiciform and Madagascan
succulents, carnivorous plants (Sarraceniaceae), and - still
increasing - Aroids. 

I've got a small bulb of Amorphophallus rivieri from a friend of
mine two years ago, and this plant has since developed admirably. I
expect it to bloom next year. Early this spring, I got a small tuber
(1.5 cm in diameter) from the Madagascan Amorphophallus hildebrandtii.
I have potted it soon and I keep it slightly moist. But the tuber does
not show any singn of awakening. I took it out of the pot last week
and it loked very healthy and didn't show any signs of rot - but no
changes since march. I keep it's pot on an east-facing windowsill in
my living-room at 20-23 degrees C, where it gets sun (if there should
be some in our cool, cloudy climate) from sunrise to noon.

Now my questions:
- Is this a normal behavior of this species? Just since my A. rivieri
started thriving early in April! What is it's growing season?

- What could I do else to wake it up?

- And - Is it possible to cultivate this species in a"normal" room? I
suppose it would need much warmth. Or can it only be grown in a
tropical greenhouse?

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Greetings from cool and rainy Germany


Dr. Ulrich Siegel                fon: +49 7361/9381-23
Sontheimer Datentechnik GmbH     fax: +49 7361/9381-81
Im Pelzwasen 4                   email:
D-73431 Aalen              

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