Unknown 132 (large-leaved aroids)

No aroids here in the mountains of Colorado (we're vacationing), so I have
to satisfy my aroid addiction via the Internet.

Eduardo, Clarence, Julius, and Dick all agree that Unknown 132 is
Xanthosoma violacea. I would not argue with any one of them, much less all
four. Both from Clarence's comments, and since I recently acquired a
couple of the green-form X. violacea, it appears that - as usual - there
are multiple forms of this plant.

Clarence, thanks also for your comments re C. fontanesii. Obviously I
cannot look at my plants for subtle details from 1000 miles away, but will
look over the plant which produces the runners more closely when I get
home. One further question - is "fontanesii" a valid species name, or a
varietal name? I have seen it used both ways.


-- Steve Marak
-- samarak@arachne.uark.edu

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