Re: Help for Philo seeds.

Hi Sue,

    Philo seeds are usually very easy to germinate. The only problem is
that they can dehydrate fastly and lose the viability. I don't hope so, but
if it happened to your P. wendlandii seeds, there is nothing to do but
cry... Do you remember if the seeds was too much dry when you receive them? 
The temperature seems good and the humity must be also good. Very old 
seeds also lose the viability. 
     There is one more thing. If the seeds you purchase are from a true P.
wendlandii, it can show a different problem. Such species isn't native
from Brazil and all individuals there in Alvin's nursery must to be clones
from just a few. This can avoid sucessfully seed set or even produce a
superficially good seed set, but with dead seeds, because of genetic 
problems related to homozygosis. I'm not sure about such possibility, but it 
can be a clue. 

Now, the best thing you can do is wait. 



On Sat, 5 Jul 1997 wrote:

> To anyone who can help,
>       I recieved some seeds from the Alvim Seidel (sp?) seed order and have
> planted them in bubble trays.  Some are sprouting, some haven't sprouted but
> look ok, but others appear to be rotting (Wendlandii in particular).  Can
> someone tell me what changes to make before I loose them?  The temp. inside
> the trays had ranged from 75 degs. to 95 degs. in the first day or two.
>  Before any had actually sprouted, the temp. had leveled out to 80 - 85 degs
> steady.  Some of each variety are in damp folded paper towels inside the
> trays, some are on top of the soil, and some are covered with a very fine
> soil.  1/2 of the Wendlandiis were on top of soil, and the other half were in
> paper towels.  All of the Wendlandii seeds on top of the soil turned blackish
> with what looks like mold.  Another of the seeds in the paper towel turned
> the same, but some still look promising.  I put the three that still look
> good into a smaller covered container which is no doubt cooler.  They are
> still looking good, but I don't know for how long.  Any advice would be
> appreciated.
> Thank you for your help,
> Sue Zunino

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