Amorphophallus Questions

Way back in 1995 Wilbert Hetterscheid had some interesting comments on the 
periodicity of Amorphophallus.  I saved his note but it is on the machine 
at home so hopefully he will join this topic with a comment.

Here in the tropics, Amorphophallus seems to wake up at reasonably 
consistent times.  I have observed for the last couple of years a pattern 
that is definitely related to genus.  But there are exceptions.  For 
example if dormant tubers have been stored differently than others of the 
same genus, this pattern can be upset.  And likewise, tubers that have 
been attacked by fungus or were otherwise injured may be delayed.

This past year one of my A. titanum plants remained awake for three 
months after all of the others went dormant in January.  Those that went 
dormant in January were awake again in April, and the one that went 
dormant in April is only now emerging from its slumber.  There was no 
observable reason for thie one tuber to behave differently as it has been 
treated identically to the others. All were germinated from seed in 
February of 1995.

The byword seems to be Patience! As long as a dormant tuber remains firm, 
not soft or mushy, it will awaken - sometime.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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