Re: Introduction and Amorphophallus question

Ulrich Siegel wrote:

>Early this spring, I got a small tuber
>(1.5 cm in diameter) from the Madagascan Amorphophallus hildebrandtii.
>I have potted it soon and I keep it slightly moist. But the tuber does
>not show any singn of awakening. I took it out of the pot last week
>and it loked very healthy and didn't show any signs of rot - but no
>changes since march. I keep it's pot on an east-facing windowsill in
>my living-room at 20-23 degrees C, where it gets sun (if there should
>be some in our cool, cloudy climate) from sunrise to noon.
>Now my questions:
>- Is this a normal behavior of this species? Just since my A. rivieri
>started thriving early in April! What is it's growing season?
>- What could I do else to wake it up?

I asked the same question about another species, and was told that
basically there is nothing to do - just wait.  Eventually it will
wake up when it feels like it.  One of the A.maximus I received in
January 1996 has finally put up a leaf (that's right, 18 months of


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