KK's mystery Zantedeschia (Z. 'Hercules')

Regarding Krzysztof's unknown Zantedeschia (see his page):


I did some ditective work through some folks I know at Strybing
Arboretum, and the records show that this plant originated from
Western Hills Nursery in Occidental (60 mi. north of San Francisco
in very beautiful country!).  I'm trying to locate more information
about where they got the plant, but for now, this is what I know:

 - it is called merely Z. 'Hercules' (but certainly has Z.
   aethiopica as a parent if it is a hybrid).

 - It can grow up to 7ft tall, with huge 2-3ft leaves which are
   like Z. aethiopica but spotted like come other species.

 - Western Hills has numerous 1 gallon specimens at this time
   ($7.00) and some 3" ($3.50).

 - Small plants can grow rather fast, based upon a small bulbil
   division I currently have in my possession (from a friend's

Western Hills Nursery is a veritible icon among the rare plant
people here in the Bay Area, originally started many years ago by
Marshall Olbrich and Lester Hawkins.  It is now run by Maggie
Wych (who worked alonside Marshall for many years).  The phone
number is (707)874-3731, address: 16250 Coleman Valley Road,
Occidental, Calif. 95465 (actually 1 mile west of the town center
of Occidental).  If you enjoy seeing plants you've never seen
before, it is certainly worth the trip up.  They also have a decent
display garden which includes many of the plants grown at the
nursery (I understand there is a Z. 'Hercules' at the main gate of
the nursery right now).

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