Off-topic: Corydalis caseana

A 2 meter tall Corydalis is far from the topic of aroids, so please delete
now if uninterested.

After seeing scads of this stuff in full flower over the last few days
(and some of it was truly 2 meters tall), I quite by accident found some
with ripe seed. As Corydalis are reputed to have ephemeral seed, and I
have more than I will sow, and since I endured an Urtica similar to but
far more vicious than the one to which I'm accustomed to collect these,
I'd like them to have good homes.

If interested, please e-mail me *privately* (i.e., send a note to me
rather than replying to this note, as your reply will go to the whole list
and Don will have to do extra work to intercept it).


-- Steve Marak

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