The Amorphophallus Formerly Known as Parvulus

I'm pleased to report that TAFKAP is flowering. Everyone may (or may not)
recall that this plant has a rather wild history, but I think we think
that it is H.AM.026 from Wilbert's accessions, formerly thought to be A.
parvulus but now thought to be something new ... right, Wilbert, or is
there another twist in this story that I don't have?

Anyway, the leaf of this species is particularly beautiful. The
inflorescence is attractive as well, entirely in keeping with the picture
that appeared on the id center recently (No. 129, it was still there a few
minutes ago. Go to : 

and follow the links to the ID center.)

My wife (who as usual is somewhat less pleased than I when an
amorphophallus flowers, since most do so in the house) and I agree that
this has the oddest odor of any amorph we've smelled yet - stale garlic! 

I also commented on how easy this was to propagate, and was taken to task
for not propagating a bunch of them if it was so easy. So with head hung
low in shame, I'll start a bunch. It'll be a few months before anything is
ready. Stay tuned ...


-- Steve Marak

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