new plants and new camera

It's amazing how resources breed resources!  A bit over a year ago, I
thought I had finally located every Alocasia that could be easily obtained.
 I had found one at Home Depot and had ordered 3 more from the
Glasshouseworks in Ohio.  All were in adequate shape and until I discovered
that they don't do well with a surprise frost, they did fine.  Four
Alocasias and I thought I had 'em all.

Now that I've joined this group, I've finally asked Dewey Fisk for his list
of plants, reviewed his list and ordered seven more.  They arrived
promptly, were in great shape and showed little if any wear and tear from
the move.  I then added some Globbas from him which were huge and in bloom.
 That's a better product than I've received from any of the big name
establishments.  The problem is that his catalog now lists 13 other
Alocasias and a huge assortment of other aroids!  

With the new expanding collection, I'm going to attempt to develop my
skills at plant photography.  I've taken slides of plants before but rarely
do they reproduce what I wanted to show.  Certainly they're not up to the
standards set by so many of the others in this group.  Consequently, I've
ordered a Kodak DC120 to see the resulting photograph immediately.

Anyway, I'd like to get some information from any of you who are using the
DC120 to capture plant photos.  Does the built in flash supply adequate
lighting or are you using an accessory flash?  I see that it gets down to
eight inch closeups.  Do you ever use closeup lenses to capture the
inflorescence or is eight inches enough?

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