Re: amorphophallus campanulatus and arum campanulatum

Dear list members,

Dr. Wilbert Hetterscheid wrote the following.

"A morpho phallus": shapeless penis, refers to the shape of the spadix
 of the first ever species assigned to this genus, which happens to be
 the very Am. paeoniifolius we're discussing.

This is what I had suspected.  You have no idea how far you have contributed
to the history of religion. 

I need to know if just before the flower and leaves open out, there will be
three extremities at the top of the plant, one each for the leaves, and one
for the flower.
But I do need to cite a reference to the facts mentioned in these postings.
Can somebody provide such a reference from a text or at least name,
affiliation, etc of the person who can be quoted? Thanks.


S. Palaniappan

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