RE: amorphophallus campanulatus and arum campanulatum

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>"Arum": this had something to do with Mozes' brother Aaron, isn't it?
> I guess some other aroidellers know more. Bud in people!

>>Stearn says it's from the Greek "aron" for the poisonous (?) plants related
to Arisaema.


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In reguards to the above, Dan Nicolson says "Arum --   Linnaeus (n.): Latin 
form of a classical Greek name, aron. (Aroideana Vol. 10, No.3, Oct. 1987, 
"Derivation of Ariod Generic Names", pg.15.)
Peter Boyce suggests looking at "Prime, C. T. (1960).   Lords and ladies.  
Collins, London.", as he says-- "Numerous theories have been put forward as to 
the meaning of the word (Prime, 1960)."

Julius Boos

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