Hercules order and misc info

Dear Aroider;
        There is a minor change of procedure for those interested in
ordering Zantedeschia "Hercules". Orders will be shipped directly from
California thanks to fellow Aroid-L er Dan Levin who volunteered to buy
plants at Western Hills and ship direct. This reduces the shipping cost
since they won't have to go to Jim Waddick in Kansas City for

Those individuals who've already contacted Dan directly about trades
should skip to #6.

        1.      The orders for are closed.

        2.      So far we have orders from:
        Jim Waddick
        Michael Riley
        Mike McCaffery
        Alan Galloway
        Scott Verga
        Pat Nender
        Steve Marak
        Don Martinson
        Diana Nicholls
        Al Wooten
        Kerru Haworth
        Lester Kallus
        Roger Sieloff
        Don Bittel      A total of 25 plants

        3.      Not all checks have been received; SEND MONEY NOW!

        4.      Checks made out to Jim Waddick will be cashed and sent
to Dan.

        5.      If checks come in soon, orders could go out by August 4.
Let's get this done quickly.

        6.       One glitch.... After some discussion at Western Hills
(with special thanks to Sean O'Hara for making the discovery), it is unclear
if the clone that is sold at the nursery is the true "Hercules".
It is definitely a 7 ft monster calla, but may not be true to name.
Confusion exists between Western Hills and Strybing Arboretum.
Strybing records show 'Hercules' to have a spotted leaf, whereas the
Western Hills 'Hercules' all have a solid color leaf.   If this is
enough to halt your order notify Jim or Dan  ASAP or sooner!

        Thanks 	 Jim W. and Dan L.

James W. Waddick          		Voice: 816 746 1949
8871 NW Brostrom Rd                  	E-MAIL: jim-jim@swbell.net
Kansas City MO 64152 		Fax: 816 746 1939
Zone 5/6 -
Winter low  -10=B0F
Summer high +100=B0F

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