I recently acquired a D. soconuscum tuber from Dewey Fisk. A petiole and 
leaf has emerged and I have discovered a very interesting and unusual plant. 
It has a very deep green (almost black) petiole. The petiole is rough to 
the touch and has cream colored marks running its entire length.  The 
leaf is also most interesting, a beautiful deep green and very shiny. 
The leaflet margins seem to be lined with black. When the leaf was unfurling 
the visible parts of it were almost black also.

The petiole on this plant measures about 50 cm and is growing not 
straight but in a "meandering" vertical direction.

Can someone tell me how large this plant becomes and if it retains the 
above characteristics when it is at its largest? The inflorescence must 
be quite interesting also. Unfortunately I can not find any photos in the 
literature. The "Genera of Araceae" has only line drawings of flower parts.


Don Burns   Plantation, FL USA   Zone 10b

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