Atlanta A. titanum

Just back from viewing the enormous infloresence. The measuring stick had
been removed to allow for spread of the spathe, but presumably the height
hadn't changed much since yesterday.

Apparently the inflorescence actually started to open yesterday at 4 P.M.,
but with the holiday there was no way to notify interested parties.  Ron
said that it appeared fully open by the time he left at 8. ( Yes I asked, no
he didn't stay with it all night.)

The smell was definite, but not nearly as bad as several smaller
Amorphophallus that have bloomed here. Ron said it was quite bad early this
morning, but not as bad as he had expected. 

I have taken photographs that are currently being developed and will be
ready in an hour or so, and also should have some coming via email from the
ABG this evening. The ABG photographs should show the interior, mine will not.

 I understand that posting to the list produces fatal errors, so if anyone
can tell me where to post them, I will, or I can email them to interested


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