A.titanums at FTG and ABG

The principal time-lapse camera was the overhead view. It was in place
from June 16 through at least ,June27 ---the day the spadix collasped.
The second camera was used for a shorter period, I'm not certain how
Craig Allen left last Mon. for his vacation which had been delayed about
ten days so he could be present for the blooming. He will be gone at
least another week. There is really no way to get much more information
until he returns---many others are away as well.
Apparently, someone wanted to turn the remains of the inflorescence into
an herbarium specimen ,including roots and other underground parts.
Fortunately they were stopped in time when told the plant was still
The reason the Atlanta titanum slowed down may simply be because it is
reaching the end of it's growth period in preparation for blooming. The
FTG titanum slowed from 4" a day to no vertical growth at all the last
four days before the spathe began to open.
We're all looking forward to an update from ABG. Maybe someone online
visited the plant this weekend and could describe it for us.

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