Titanum in conservatory

> Actually the titanum *was* in the conservatory.. They've always kept
> the amorphs in there, in pots on the walkways.. It would have been
> really cool to see it in a more natural setting, although i can
> imagine with the ABG's narrow walkways, I imagine they were trying to
> avoid serious traffic congestion. Also, as someone else pointed out,
> there's boatloads of little quail scurrying around the ground up
> there.

    It's amazing how short-lived the flower is, even yesterday the edges
of the spathe were starting to look a little wilted, although, as we can
all see the pictures, it's not really all that noticable in them
(although I showed up at at about 5:30 pm, I'm sure the pics were taken
earlier) I've heard several people now mention this particular flower
hasn't smelled as bas as some of the other Amorphs. This is the first
Amorph blossom I've seen in person, but I'd have to agree it wasn't too
bad. Actually I wouldn't describe it as smelling *that* much like a
rotting carcass, but rather like a pair of old sneakers or something

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