Re: Atlanta titanum....

That's strange - I've never had to pay anything to the NYTimes.  Perhaps
it's because I signed up for the times way back when.  Oh well, I'm sorry.
Perhaps the Times will be kind enough to allow us to copy their message as
a general post.  I'll send them email to ask.
At 11:15 AM 7/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I went to (I am a NY Times subscriber) then I
clicked on Archives then I
>typed (copied and paste) amorphophallus in the search for. The next link
asks me to purchase the
>Judy Bauer wrote:
>> Lester Kallus wrote:
>> > The message didn't come across correctly when I received it.  The entire
>> > item is the web address.  My email program short changed the link which
>> > should include the last part (the 0+wAAA+amorphophallus).  I
apologize, but
>> > you'll have to enter that by hand or will have to clip it in.
>> >             Les

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