First Circulars for IAS

Hello everybody.
Good news.  The first circulars for next year's IAC are finally done! 
Once I got Tom out of my hair, I had time to work on them.   Don 
Burns was nice enough to provide address labels for all current IAS 
members, and these people will be receiving theirs in the mail 
shortly (I took them to the mail room yesterday).  If any non-members 
are out there (heaven forbid) and you would like to receive a first 
circular, please contact me at: 
or: Missouri Botanical Garden, Box 299, St. Louis, Mo 63166
and I will be glad to send you one (no phone calls please).  
Please complete the  preregistration form and  send it back to me to 
help with future planning.  This is going to be a great conference 
and I urge everyone to attend.
Because of my newness and inexperience, there will not be a plant 
sale this year and because of the conference, we will not have one 
next spring either.  But, we are already making plans for a seedling 
swap/sale at the conference itself.  Please plan ahead so we can have 
a variety of seedlings available for everyone to choose from. 
I look forward to meeting all of you soon.

Kind regards,

Beth Cosgriff
VIII IAC Secretary General
(Tom Croat's assistant)

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