Amorphophallus konjac

Got my A. konjac yesterday! Very healthy and about a foot high. It has a very
light creamy white coloration on its stalk with splotches of drab olive green.
I have repotted it in a 10 inch standard terra cotta pot. I used a very well
draining mix composed of aged pine bark, peat, charcoal, perlite (Jungle
Growth Professional Mix) and (oil dry - found at Auto parts stores) high fired
porous clay particles around 1/4 inch. 

I gently teased the roots at the perimeter and bottom and placed it in the new
mix filling in around carefully. It is in a dappled sunlight area to minimize
shock and transpiration for a few weeks. I have watered it in with Orchid type
fertilizer (2-14-13 with micro-nutrients) and Superthrive (10 drops per

If anyone has a differing opinion or suggestion of how I have proceeded,
please inform me. I'm a novice with A. konjac but not with plants in general.

Thanks in advance!

Luis Fontanills
Miami, Florida  USA

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